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Russian Visa Invitations

To issue an invitation for a tourist visa for 990 rubles

Russian Visa Invitations

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Visas to Russia

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A letter of invitation to Russia enables an foreign national to obtain a visa of any type. Doing the paperwork for an foreign national to enter the Russian Federation is a bit complicated. On our website, you’ll find information about rules regarding the letter of invitation for foreign nationals coming to Russia, the validity period of papers, sample applications and FMS forms, as well as whether you need a statement of income, which errors you might make (and shouldn’t), and why the e-format is better; if necessary, we’ll quickly produce such a letter of invitation for you.

Russian visas a letter of invitation supports

Visa is a document that entitles an foreign national to cross the borders of Russia for a specified purpose within a specified period of time. Visas are only granted if you have a letter of invitation. The letter also determines the type of Russian entry visa you will get:

  • tourist visa for sightseeing;
  • business visa for negotiations and meeting your customers;
  • private or guest visa for visiting your relatives (longest visa processing of all types);
  • work visa for making money in Russia;
  • student visa for studies;
  • humanitarian visa.

There is also the so-called transit visa, but it doesn’t require a letter of invitation. Any of these documents can be produced using an original FMS form or electronically.

Doing the paperwork

You can obtain this paper on your own or with our expert assistance. The latter option can be used at home. Ask us about the details and request our assistance online; fill in the application form, and we’ll ensure you get your papers as soon as possible.

Getting a letter of invitation for an foreign national

To get a letter of invitation for an foreign national to visit this country, first you have to specify the goal and the period of stay. Law stipulates specific rules and procedure for such paperwork.

You can do it yourself by visiting a local police department; or you can choose a reliable company, such as ours, to do all the paperwork and save you trouble and money.

Letter of guarantee for inviting an foreign national: form and specifics

To get a Russian entry permit, submit the necessary papers including an application (request), a written rationale (visa support), or a letter of guarantee. Find on our website the sample letter of guarantee as well as the application form. A letter of guarantee shall follow a specified form and contain a specific text, in which you agree to keep under control the foreign national’s behavior and deeds as well as to ensure their financial security and comfortable stay in this country.

Business visa invitation to Russia

Letters of invitation for tourists and business people is something our experts do the most and can assist you quickly and efficiently with.

A business letter of invitation can be provided by a specially FMSaccredited entity that is interested in foreign specialists’ visits. The paper can be printed on a letterhead, which shall then be sent to the foreign national by mail; or in an e-format. Filling in the latter on our website will take just a few minutes, and you’ll get it the next day. This paper enables one to obtain a visa for negotiations and business.

Tourist letter of invitation (Russian Tourist Voucher)

This form is also referred to as a tourist voucher and serves as a support for tourist visas. There is no strictly specified voucher format; however, the voucher shall specify the guest’s personal details, route, places and period of stay, as well as the purpose of visit. Vouchers are produced by travel companies and agencies that are responsible for such foreign tourists for the duration of their stay.

We can help you quickly get a tourist voucher and will CONSIDER all your wishes and needs.

Educational institution’s letter of invitation

This paper is issued on behalf of an educational institution or legal entity that provides educational services, rather than a private individual. It is printed on a letterhead of the Central Migration Directorate of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs; alternatively, it can be made in a specific e-format.

Letter of invitation on an FMS letterhead

It takes longer to obtain a visa support on an FMS letterhead compared to the electronic document, which our experts can produce in a single day; however, it is quite often obtained when getting a permit at a regional police department. The form contains a unique ID, the foreign national’s details, purpose and days of visit, as well as the host party’s details.

Russian letter of invitation processing time

The time it takes to produce a letter of invitation to Russia depends on the duration and purpose of visits, number of entries the visa entitles to, and urgency.

An ordinary letter of invitation for a private or business visa can be produced in 20 to 30 business days. Tourist voucher processing time is up to 14 business days.

An FMS-accredited company we are will get you a business-visa letter of invitation in 7 business days or even less (in a few hours if it’s urgent); for tourists, the process takes 48 hours at max.

Where to produce a letter of invitation to Russia

An foreign national can get paperwork-related assistance from:

  • Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs;
  • a regional Central Migration Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs;
  • a special visa center or a travel agency specializing in such activities.

If you need such a document, just go to our website or call us; no need to leave home.

Papers needed to invite an foreign national to Russia

Below is the list of papers you need to obtain a letter of invitation:

  • application (request) for the document;
  • copy of travel passport or another ID;
  • letter of guarantee (to be written by the inviter that is responsible for their visitor);
  • proof of payment;
  • statement of income;

Visa companies might request other documents.

Price of inviting an foreign national to Russia

The price of inviting an foreign national to Russia depends on how you do the paperwork (on your own or with a company’s assistance), how urgent it is, and the type of paper. The official state duty is 800 rubles, but visa assistants’ paperwork pricing is different.

Letter of invitation for an foreign national relative

Your foreign relatives (spouse, parents) and friends will need a private (a guest) letter of invitation to visit Russia. Processing may take up to 40 days, whereas the maximum validity period is 90 days.